Dream. Build. Achieve

Inspired by The Tall Girl Tells All


To my dear friend Kelli,
Over the years that we have known each other you have been a brilliant light in a dark world. Constantly encouraging me, challenging me to be better, leading a rooted group together and so much more. I have come to respect both you and your servants heart so much. You strive to love and shine God’s light on every single person you come into contact with and I love that. I know that even as you are reading this you have a great big smile on your face and are shaking your head at me for saying all of this and even more so for posting it. But this blog finally happened and it is in very large part do to your influence, encouragement and inspiration. Therefore I find it fitting that it begins with a tribute to you and your blog. https://thetallgirltellsall.com/

Love is not a weakness but strength. Dreaming is not frivolous but is the key to growth.Achievement is the result of dreaming and pursuing that dream alongside a community that empowers you.That is what I hope to achieve on this blog. I have big dreams and I will share them all.Here is the list I will detail them over the next few months for you all.
1. To empower others to achieve their own dreams.2. To have a home that is a Sanctuary for others.3. To be financial independent and successful, for the purpose of helping others.4. To have a “Pack”5. To plan events that make people laugh and love life.6. To have passive income so that I can travel and continue to empower others to achieve their own dreams7. To make a difference in the lives of those who are impacted by sex trafficking, to give a voice to those who have none.
To that end the pages on this blog are broken down as follows.


What holds us back from dreaming?Why do we tell ourselves that we can’t? Why do others tell us we cant?This page is dedicated to dreaming, to discovering our own dreams, sharing them, hoping for the future!Feel free to submit a photo and what your dream is or what obstacles you feel are in your way. Once we identify them we can overcome them together.
Build Once you know what your dream is…how do you get there?This page will be all about the steps we need to take to achieve our dreams, the work we put into it and the sacrifices we must sometimes make. Follow some amazing people on their way to achieving their dreams.Chasing your dream? Let us follow and support you as you work and build your way to your dream.
AchieveFollow those who have achieved one of their dreams and see how they got their, why they got their and then follow along as they chase after the next one.
So excited to be on this with you!Truly,
A Man and his Wolf

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